About The Fair

Everything about the technologies of the future is at Eskişehir Industry Fair!

The Eskişehir Industry Fair has been successfully organized with the support and cooperation of TR Presidency of Defense Industry Presidency, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce, Eskişehir Organized Industry Regional Directorate, Eskişehir Technical University, Eskişehir Osmangazi University, and KOSGEB, with the contributions of the TR Eskişehir Governorship and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. The fair brought together 20.256 industry professionals with 103 brands, 205 companies from 22 countries between June 9-12, 2021.

Set to become an industrial city with a strong manufacturing base and extensive infrastructure, Eskişehir prepares to host the Eskişehir Industry Fair for the second time which will promote new business connections and bring a boost to the industry. The exhibition will bring together industry professionals at the Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce-TÜYAP Fair Center between October 18-21, 2022. The Eskişehir Industry Fair will bring together the main industries and R&D companies in the machinery, aviation, and automotive sectors, subcontractors, suppliers, components manufacturers, business technologies, robotics technologies, and foreign procurement delegations in a comprehensive organization. The event will be a B2B platform for main industry companies based in Turkey and suppliers or components and technologies. If you want to explore the world of opportunities offered by Konya Machinery Technologies Fairs, take the first step by filling out the Participations Form.

Why Eskişehir? Why Turkey?

As an industrial powerhouse, Eskişehir’s strength in manufacturing is supported by industrialization, domestic manufacturing, and R&D promotion schemes. The city is a hub for strategic industries. The Eskişehir Industry Fair will be essential in creating an industrialization model that is based on the manufacturing sector and exports, and will enable new business connections between visitors and the exhibitors in the industries that they want to reach.